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Hamer Soundsystems - former Steffens & Hamer - is more than 40 years [since 1971] successfull in the market of PA-Systems.

Founded by Joachim Hamer and Hans Steffens as a partner  of the global player TOA, the company grew up with its own series of speakers and amplifiers [SH-PA System]. Together with the partners we are planing and realizing PA- Systems especially confiming norms like VDE 0828 [ENS] and DIN VDE 0833 part 4 [SAA]. Additionally conference-systems, interpreting-systems and video-systems are designed and created.

Mrs. Dr. Babette Hamer took over the management in 1998, still under name of Steffens & Hamer. Since the year 2000 after further restructuring, the company operates as Hamer Soundsystems.

We are planing and realizing:

  • PA-Systems [SAA und ENS] for
    • commercial facilities
      • shopping centers
      • car centers
      • leisure parks
      • swimming pools
    • hotels
    • passeneger liners
    • office blocks
    • hospitals
  • systems for acoustic alert confirming DIN EN VDE 0828 [ENS] and DIN EN 0833 part 4 [SAA]
  • professionel PA for stages
  • PA-Systems for churches, synagogues, mosques
  • conference-systems  wired and wireless
  • mediasystems
  • gong and call systems
  • video-monitoring
  • after commissioning we serve with
  • maintenances and inspections
  • repairs
  • service performences